Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The ugliest cake ever

My brother and I made a cake with the breadmaker this afternoon (it can make cakes). We attempted to make a chocolate and mincemeat cake. The result? The ugliest cake ever:

This is the cake after it had been removed from the pan. It looks okay from this angle, other than a couple of holes from where the mixers were; however, that is the bottom of the cake — the top looks worse:

That is one hideous cake, and I'm not even going to provide any description of what it resembles because it's obvious. As for how it got this way in the first place, we added way too much water to the mixture, and when the machine had finished its work the cake itself was squishy and obviously not fully baked. It was then mixed and baked a second time, and this mess ensued.

Despite how unappetising the cake appears, it is delicious!

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