Saturday, 25 May 2013

The final answer to "Who's On Heart" 2013

After nearly six months, the third and final name in the "Who's On Heart" competition for 2013 has been identified. At 4:00 yesterday, a lady named Kerri guessed Belinda Carlisle; she won £125,000 for her guess. Congratulations, Kerri!

As for the voice order in the sound clips themselves, Belinda Carlisle said "Who's", David Duchovny said "on" and Jamie Bell said "heart". Heart has not yet posted the full clips where the celebrities said their respective words in context but I will keep an eye out for them and update this post accordingly.

Jo Brand was guessed an astounding 45 times during this competition; an excess of people thought that Duchovny's "on" sounded like Brand. Carlisle has been the subject of one of my previous posts.

I expect that Heart will start the competition again next year. Until then, that's "Who's On Heart" concluded!


  1. Sounds like a neat show. Maybe next year you will win. :)

    1. I've heard the call costs can be expensive!