Guest posters

I am open to people guest posting on my blog if they wish to do so. Feel free to ask, either by leaving a comment or by going into my profile and sending me an e-mail; I may even invite people to guest post if I think they might be interested. These are my guest posting rules, and I think they are reasonable:

1. The post must be positive. I try to maintain a positive feel with my blog, and would like to be consistent with that.
2. Keeping in line with the first rule, I will not accept any submissions that attack people.
3. I will accept posts about most topics. Again, I prefer the posts not to be negative or attacking.
4. I have no set limits on the length of a post, but I would prefer not to have a sentence or a book!
5. If I decline a submission or even just a request, I am happy to provide a reason.
6. This offer is open at all times, but if I am busier than usual in real life, have a lot of requests, or would just like to blog my own posts, then this feature may temporarily be unavailable.

Now that those are out of the way, I do look forward to guest posts!

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