Saturday, 23 September 2017

Back to my accommodation (3)

And it's done. I'm fully back in my accommodation. My aunt and uncle from the East of England came over, helped me transport my belongings to my accommodation, helped me unpack my items into my room and they did a small shop for me at Morrison's - the same as they did last year.

Next week is welcome week but that's for new students, not second years like myself. My classes do not begin until Monday the 2nd of October.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Back to my accommodation (2)

I'm now officially back at my accommodation. I went over to my campus in the morning to ensure I was enrolled again and then I picked up my key to my old room. Once at the house, I met my new Resident Assistant; this RA will be in the same house as me, same as the previous one.

While I'm staying at my accommodation tonight, I've only brought a few items with me. As my uncle is coming tomorrow, there wasn't any need to bring loads of stuff over.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Back to my accommodation

Tonight will be my last night in my mother and brother's house before I return to my accommodation. Tomorrow, I'll be registering for Year 2 of university, picking up the key to my accommodation and moving a few items over. My East of England uncle will be here on Saturday to help me move the rest of my belongings over.

Summer is over. Fall starts along with the new university academic year. Hard to believe that nearly four months ago I'd finished my sole exam of Year 1.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

"Something in the Way You Move" - Ellie Goulding

This is by far my song of choice at the moment - most addictive track I've heard in a long time:

It's "Something in the Way You Move" by Ellie Goulding, taken from Delirium (2015), her third studio album. While it is possible I might have heard it on a radio somewhere, my first confirmed hearing of "Something in the Way You Move" was a few days away when my brother and I were listening to the deluxe edition of Delirium. A day later, I heard it in the city centre when I was out with a friend and since then, I've listened to it every day so far.

Beyond that, I'd say that it's Goulding's best song to date, beating "I Need Your Love", which was a collaboration of hers with Calvin Harris.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The identical dresses

Here's a light-hearted piece from the news:

Seeing five identical but accidental outfits at an event like a wedding would be hilarious! At least the women involved here saw it that way. For men, we're uniformly in suits at formal occasions so we're all dressed identically by default.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Walk interrupted

My intended walk this afternoon was Clifton-Ruddington-Wilford-City Centre via the tram walkways. When I stepped outside, it looked as though it was going to be cool but otherwise dry, although just in case I had brought my umbrella.

After I walk out of Ruddington, I notice a massive black cloud hovering over the region. I expected that it wouldn't be long before it would unleash its contents onto the fully-suspecting ground below. Not to be disappointed, as I approached Wilford, the rain fell upon the land, going from a light shower to a downpour in seemingly no time at all.

The rain was so heavy that my umbrella was overwhelmed; as such, I ran to the upcoming bus stop and took the 3 route, thus ending my walk until I returned to Clifton, when the rain had stopped and I walked back to my mother's and brother's house.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Cash and the teacher

I was out with someone this afternoon and one of the places we went to was the Arboretum part of Nottingham. While there, we encountered a pro-environment festival that was being held; I had read the other day that it was on but I forgot about it.

Two odd events occurred: The first was that I found a £10 note on the floor. I didn't want to keep it but at the same time, if I reported it as missing, there was too high a chance that someone who never owned it would claim it. As such, I gave it to one of the charities at the festival. I didn't want it so why not give it to charity? At least the money will benefit someone by my giving it away.

The second was that I encountered my old mathematics teacher from Pre-Access! I saw him at a distance as he walked towards us and when he became close to us, I recognised him as my teacher. He was with his other half and did not appear to see me. Not a big deal - I hope he had an enjoyable afternoon, too.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Family fun event

This afternoon, I returned to, for the first time since I moved out, the Clifton campus. My reason for being there was to attend a family-friendly event, designed for mature students to meet other mature students; however, I had not realised exactly what "family-friendly" entailed.

I had expected it to be an event that students with young children would be welcome at in addition to those who don't yet have kids. Instead, it catered primarily to those with kids so that parents could network. As a result, there wasn't really much for me to do there and it wasn't really possible to involve myself in conversation when children were the link. The three main people I spoke to were an existing friend, one of her friends and a member of the Welcome Team.

While this particular event wasn't of much use to me, I nevertheless support events like it. Mature students with children are increasingly going to university and it is deeply important that they be made to feel included and welcomed.

Friday, 15 September 2017

A missed post

After many years of blogging, despite many close shaves in that time, I'd never missed a day of posting. Then came yesterday - the first day since I started on which I did not post. What happened?

Nothing terribly serious. I was with a college friend in the morning and with another college friend in the afternoon. The latter friend is going to Lincoln University this weekend, so to celebrate we went to the new Krispy Kreme donut shop in the Victoria Centre and after that, we went to the pub for drinks. The sugar from the hot chocolate I had in the morning, plus the donuts plus the cocktails combined with my lack of a proper lunch and enough water caused me to have a headache. When I got home, I rested and ate but then went to bed, thus missing making a post.

So, yeah, I was out celebrating and then had a headache. Not too much of a big deal; the headache, which I overcame fairly quickly, was a small nuisance given that I'd had a great day preceding it.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bernie and Hillary supporters

The presidential primaries that the Democrats in the United States held last year ended well over a year ago. Yet, despite this, hardcore and/or bitter supporters of both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders still insist on arguing about the final result of the election.

"Bernie would have won, Hillary cheated!" the hardcore Bernie supporters yell

"Bernie shouldn't have run, he made Hillary lose!" the Hillary supporters shout back.

This continued back and forth, while being spouted by a minority on either side, achieves nothing. Continuing to divide the Democratic Party as they are doing will only serve to give the current president another term in office in 2020. That must not be allowed to happen. Re-living the 2016 Democratic primaries over and over again is destructive.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Mexican aid

Mexico has withdrawn its offer of help to the United States for the latter country's recovery from the ongoing hurricanes and storms:

Why has Mexico done this? The largest reason is because a massive earthquake has hit that country and it needs to focus on sorting out damage within its own borders. The other reason is because the current President of the United States not only failed to accept aid from Mexico but also failed to send condolences to them for when the earthquake hit.

Monday, 11 September 2017

The faces

This afternoon, I walked to Ruddington and from there, I rode the 10 bus to the city centre. On its own, this isn't worth of noting here; however, the events on the bus and afterwards are.

Shortly after the bus passed the former site of Central's West Bridgford campus, it stopped to pick up two people; to my surprise, one of these people was a friend of a cousin of mine. My brother and I met this person in passing during our visit to Drayton Manor over six years ago. I did not acknowledge her, on the basis that it was a brief meeting years and because it was unlikely she would have recognised me, given my appearance changes since then.

The second familiar face was towards the county hall stop in West Bridgford. At this point, a librarian who helped process me when my progression advisor encouraged me to undertake an assessment back when I first visited Central then boarded the bus. I have seen him since then to speak to and he acknowledged/spoke to me when we departed the bus.

The final familiar face was in the Victoria Centre. I saw in there a coursemate from the Media side of my university course. The last few times I've seen her have either been in the city centre or on board South Notts 1. Since she lives in London, I wasn't expecting to see her around again until later this month, at least. She and I did acknowledge each other.

So, plenty of familiar faces this afternoon!

Sunday, 10 September 2017

The confined room

At my university accommodation, I had a large room, which easily accommodated my belongings and any boxes/suitcases they all came with me in. At my mother's house, however, the room is not at all large enough to fit in many of my belongings; most are in the storage areas of the house.

Even so, a large amount of my belongings are in the room I have here and the limited space there was before is even more limited now. To be able to sleep, I have to move excess belongings from my bed to my chair and if I want to use my laptop, the reverse becomes true.

To be fair, however, this is a temporary arrangement; I'll have my big room back soon. This post isn't a complaint - merely a small window into where I'm currently living.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

The new Mainline

I travelled to Bingham this afternoon to attend the rebranding/relaunch event of the Rushcliffe Mainline, which involved it becoming just the "Mainline" as well as new buses being introduced to replace those that have been in service for years. In fact, the event was all about the new Mainline fleet - two of the new buses were on display.

Both buses were open to public viewing. One of the new features of these buses compared to the old ones were the USB chargers, which I had been expecting; another were the skylights, which I'd read about in advance. More surprising, however, were the lights along the floor, the non-slip floor, the "mood lighting", the enhanced display panel for the upcoming stop and the removal of the aisle-facing seats. What can I say? These new Mainline buses are vastly superior to the old ones - they almost rival Red Arrow, in some respect.

I couldn't help but be impressed by the new Mainline bus fleet. I definitely want to ride on one soon; they will be put into official service tomorrow.

Friday, 8 September 2017

The leafblower

At my grandparents' house this afternoon, the work there included mowing the lawn, finishing cutting down the rotten plum tree and...using the leafblower.

When my family and I lived in Oregon, we owned a leafblower, although we mostly used it in reverse mode, which meant it sucked leaves up and mulched them. In blowing mode, however, while it wasn't a weak blower it wasn't an overpowered one, either.

Now, my grandfather's leafblower...that one is a beast of a machine. When I turned it on, I was not only surprised by how far it blew the leaves but also by how much of a recoil there was! Never before had I felt such a strong recoil on a leafblower. Once I overcame the surprise, however, I immediately hopped in to the joy of blowing the leaves into a large pile, which I then scooped up and took around the back to use as fertilizer.

So yes, this afternoon I had fun using a powerful leafblower. It wasn't as taxing as cutting down the plum tree but it was still intense in its own way.