This is a frequently asked questions page about Air Nice-to-Livelands. It will link to my blog posts when necessary, and is incomplete for now.

Why are parts of the blog written in American English and others in British English?
I am British by birth, spent my childhood and teens in the United States, and now live in Britain again. I acknowledge my heritage by writing in both styles, though rather than randomly switching between the two, I use American English on US topics and British English on UK topics.

How did you come to name the blog?
I wrote about this in detail in two blog posts: this one and in this one.

Why are family members and most friends not referred to by name?
Out of respect for their privacy: not all of them know about the blog, and I do not believe it would be fair to name them without their consent.

Who owns the images on this blog?
All images belong to me unless stated otherwise. I try to avoid using images that I do not own, but when I do use them I give credit accordingly.

Why is comment moderation enabled?
I prefer to read comments before they are posted, for obvious reasons. In addition, by the fact I have to approve comments lets people know that I do read their comments (although I often reply to people anyway).

I found an error in one of your posts! What should I do?
Please let me know about it! I always review before posting, but I do occasionally miss mistakes. 

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