Monday, 21 January 2013


The pager (also known as a "beeper") was an early text-messaging/notification device, filling a role similar to today's mobile/cell phones. In the late 90s, my Dad had a pager for work which I was fascinated by: I thought it was a novel idea for a device to send short messages, and I liked that they had clocks installed in them.

I wanted to have my own pager once I was older, but after a couple of years my desire for one faded, and there was a time when my opinion towards devices similar to them was hostile. When I owned my first phone several years later both of those feelings had been absent for a long time.

Now, as I have written about on a few occasions, I own a phone; depending on how you view it, I did end up with my own pager, only the phone I have has greater functionality than the old pagers. In the long run, I received something better, as has everyone else with a phone!


  1. I remember when dad used one. I think when he goes on standby next week, they still use it!

    1. Neat! If there's still the need for an old device, us it! :)