Monday, 28 January 2013

Melted snow

The heavy snow we've had recently has come to an end. It rained two nights ago, melting the vast majority of the snow that had settled on the ground; with the exception of a few heavy snow piles and some thick ice, it's all gone. The combination of snow melting and the rain did put several areas of the United Kingdom on standby for flooding.

As for today, there's been a cold breeze for much of the day but in the past hour that breeze has transformed into a strong wind and it's been raining again. I expect the rain to melt what little remains of the snow. The snow was fun while it lasted; I'm glad I took pictures and videos.


  1. On my way to class I almost slipped. It's supposed to be 60 on Wednesday but rainy, but Thursday for the funeral it's supposed to be 40. It's crazy weather.

    1. I hope you're okay, Jessica (over the slip and the funeral).