Sunday, 13 January 2013

Alice Pyne

I'm saddened to say that Alice Pyne, the girl with the "bucket list", has died at the age of 17. She was diagnosed with Hodgin's lymphoma when she was 13. In June of 2011, she set up a blog with a bucket list of goals she wanted to reach before she died.

Looking at Pyne's blog, she managed to achieve several of the items on her list, such as meeting Take That and swimming with sharks. Through her blog and list she raised awareness for her condition and for bone marrow donations; some 40,000 people became donors because of her efforts.

I was aware of her blog upon its creation. Learning about Pyne's death now makes me wish that I'd followed her progress more often.


  1. I'm on the registry. After my one pen pal died of leukemia, I decided I'd become a donor eventually.

    I'll have to check out her blog when I get home.