Sunday, 2 October 2016

Muslim hugs

This positive article appeared on my Facebook feed yesterday:

Hajer Sbehawi and her much-younger sister, both from Michigan, attended a rally of Hillary Clinton's main rival in the United States presidential election. Their purpose was to spread love and to educate the participants of the rally that Muslims, such as themselves, are not at all violent - they're just people, like everybody else. Sbehawi reckons that many people at such rallies have never met a Muslim and are ignorant rather than purposely hateful.

What is sad is that Sbehawi and others like her feel that it's necessary to educate others that Muslims are not inherently violent. I met several Muslims at college and it would be ridiculous to assume that all, most or even just a handful of them were evil people. They were there to learn and to make friends - the same reason that everyone else went to college.


  1. I doubt they got more than five that day

  2. I would love to go to rallies and participate with the hugging... but since I am a convert and white, it might be difficult since most assume Muslims are brown Middle Eastern people or no one would convert.

    1. Yeah, it probably wouldn'r have the same effect as many would likely not believe you, anyway. :/