Saturday, 22 October 2016

Liveland History: 22nd October 2012

For Liveland History, here is a post from this day four years ago:

I wrote about Ryan Cabrera, a singer who was popular in the 2004-2006 era of American pop music. The post documented my disappointment that Cabrera has been under the radar since his musical peak in the mid-2000s.

My post also mentioned that he had been touring. While he doesn't appear to be doing that at the moment, a Google search shows that he is still active on Twitter and that he has an indie project called Beyond the Sky, under which he released the song "Whatever, Whenever" in August of this year, as well as a song called "Right on the Money", released back in February.

Cabrera might be under the radar but he hasn't disappeared, that's for sure. 


  1. He was in Dashboard Confessional too, right? I remember loving Dashboard Confessional back in high school! It's amazing how these acts just disappear over time. :(

    1. There's a Chris Carrabba who's in Dashboard Confessional but I don't think Ryan Cabrera ever was. I do agree, however, that it's sad when they disappear. :(