Friday, 21 October 2016

Route 35

Once my classes had finished, I walked to Ruddington and caught a bus to Nottingham from there. Once in the city centre, I decided to try out another bus line: this time it was the 35 route, Nottingham City Transport Orange line.

This route took me through western sectors of Nottingham, such Wollaton Vale, Bilborough and Strelley, before reaching the bus station in Bulwell. Evidently, I've walked to Wollaton before but overall it's an area of Nottingham I'm not heavily familiar with, although I know it more than I do eastern Nottingham. I've yet to explore Strelley and Bilborough in any significant context.

It was a run evening ride, which lasted about an hour. Afterwards I rode the 17 Brown route back, which is a faster journey to the city centre.

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