Monday, 3 October 2016

The new bus pass

My major decision of the afternoon was to purchase a bus pass from Nottingham City Transport (NCT). When I first moved onto campus I doubted whether or not I would need one but after a great deal of thought, I decided that I would.

A bus to Nottingham and back costs £3.50; this week alone, I will be making three trips to the city centre, which would amount to £10.50. I'm still going to be making at least a trip per week to the city centre for various reasons and during holidays I'll be taking even more trips there. I think it's a wise decision to purchase a pass, which cost me £229. I shall be noting when I do use the bus so that when my pass expires, I can calculate whether or not I saved.

I selected an NCT bus pass because even with the student discount it's cheaper than a pass for Trentbarton Zone B, where Clifton is located. In addition, my current main two uses for using Trentbarton are either for the pleasure of riding or to visit my grandparents; I'll stick to my MANGO cards for now when riding with Trentbarton.

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