Tuesday, 11 October 2016


I travelled to the area of Nottingham known as Bulwell. Now, Bulwell isn't somewhere I visited for the first time today - no, I've been there before and whenever I've done so, it's been on a walk to Hucknall (evidence here and here). On this afternoon, I reached Bulwell via bus for the first time.

However, accessing Bulwell via the bus wasn't the goal of the day. I was actually up there to shop at the Tesco Extra that is located up in that area (a place mentioned in the second link above). There were a couple of items from there that I wanted that were unlikely to be available in any Tesco located in Nottingham's city centre.

The result? I purchased what I needed from the Tesco Extra and enjoyed a bus up to and back from Bulwell. To add to the experience, there was a double rainbow present while I was there and when I returned to the city centre, I encountered a friend from Access - one I hadn't seen since before college ended.

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