Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Return to Central

This afternoon, for the first time since I finished my Access course there I visited Central. I don't mean I walked onto the campus and back off again - I mean I walked into the building. A few days ago, I emailed one of the receptionists - one who has worked there for the majority of my time as a student at the place - to ask what I needed to do to register as a visitor.

The requirements were for me to sign a visitor's form and wear a lanyard to acknowledge that I am a visitor. No big deal. When entering, my first action was to see that same receptionist and complete the visitors' process. My main reasons for visiting Central were to donate some books to the library (something that would double as a visit to see the lovely librarians themselves; I spent countless hours in the library over Access, after all - and it paid off in more ways than one!), to see a student and to see my teachers.

While I completed all of that, I encountered far more than I expected! I saw several familiar students - the ones with whom I was acquainted all acknowledged me - and various members of the support staff, who were delighted to see me and were eager to chat and catch up. The canteen staff, to whom I ensured I paid a special visit, all remembered me and were equally pleased I'd come to talk to them. I even saw my mathematics teacher from Pre-Access, who was more than happy to walk over and see what I was now up to with my life. When I finally made it upstairs to see my main two teachers from Access, I enjoyed a long conversation with them both. All these wonderful people were a reminder of just how many friends I made - especially among the staff - while at Central and why my last day there as a student was so emotional.

Sometimes it may seem as though I obsess a little over Central but the truth is, as anyone who knows me well understands, the college turned my life around and going there to study is easily one of the best events that has ever happened to me. No matter what form the college takes in the future, Central will always be deeply dear to me and I will long speak fondly of it. Sure, I am now a former student there but during today's was truly a treat to spend a few hours there and it felt as though I had come home.

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