Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Running for course rep

I posted this to Facebook a few hours ago:

"It's election at NTU! After much consideration, I have just nominated myself for 'Humanities Joint Honours 1st Year Course Rep'. In other words, it's like the class rep role I had at Central last year except that, if elected, I'd be representing all Joint Honours students, not just one class or all those doing English and Media like me. Voting begins sometime late next week and Joint Honours students are the constituency voting on this position.

I was encouraged by both my course leader and an admin who organises rep-related matters to use my recent article from the "Nottingham Post" about my time at Central to demonstrate why I'd be an ideal course rep. :) I don't know what my chances are but I hope I receive a respectable showing!"

Being a class rep at Central involved listening to feedback from the students I represented and passing it along in learner voice meetings. A course rep's job is similar, only there are a few more meetings to attend. We'll find out before the end of the month whether or not I have won.

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