Sunday, 23 October 2016

Familiar librarian

I've only left my accommodation once today and that was to pay a quick visit to the library to conduct a little printing. There's a task I have to complete today for one of my seminars tomorrow; however, the point of this post isn't the work I have to finish - rather, it's about one of the librarians.

On my final day as a student at Central, an external librarian was working there for the day. One of the usual librarians at college informed me that the external librarian worked part-time at the Clifton campus and that I should remember to look out for her once I'd started my university course.

I spotted her in the Victoria Centre a few weeks ago but she didn't see me. This afternoon, however, I saw and spoke to her in the library, where she helped me print out my documents (it's a similar process to how it is done at Central). The librarian remembered me and was able to use my knowledge of Central's printers to explain how to use those at NTU Clifton.

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