Sunday, 28 April 2013

The unexplored region

My brother and I ventured to the northern part of our town this morning. The northern side is the area of the town that I am the least familiar with, primarily because it's more awkward to access than the other areas, and also because it isn't up-to-date on Google Maps. The latter is a fairly minor reason not to go someplace local, as people used to explore without consulting a map, but I like to see an aerial perspective of where I've travelled.

I thought I'd take a picture of some British houses; I have an abundance of nature images on my blog, and while nature is wonderful, sometimes buildings make a pleasant change.

When we walked through the woodlands of the northern region, it brought back memories of Southern Oregon; the terrain was reminiscent of the mountain ridge on our property back there.

This is a small "valley". We passed through here a short time before we were walking on concrete again; once my brother and I were back on the hard paths, we took separate ways back home.