Saturday, 13 April 2013

Thwarted barbecue

Dad was looking forward to this weekend: he was going do his first barbecue for 2013. The weather had been fairly decent all week and the weather was expected to be pleasant for Saturday and Sunday. Today started out a fairly bright warm and day, with minor winds and only a few clouds in the sky...perfect for a barbecue!

By midday, clouds had enveloped the sky, and by the mid-afternoon, it had started to rain. Dad thought he would still be able to perform a barbecue, as the rain wasn't heavy and he has an abundance of tools available to cover objects against rain; however, the winds picked up, leading Dad to make the decision to delay the first barbecue of the year for another day. The chicken, sausages and the salmon (yes, salmon can be's tastier that way!) all had to be cooked in the oven.

It's a shame: Dad was delighted about the prospect of a barbecue, especially after the busy week he's had, and because we'd already had a barbecue by this time in 2012. On the positive side, the rain makes a welcome change from all the snow we've endured.


  1. Bummer. :( Monday-Thursday it was really hot here, then Friday it dropped 35 degrees and was rainy (fun walking to the orchid show). Now it's temperate. The weather is crazy.