Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The long-lasting batteries

On average use, my main camera depletes its batteries every 2-3 months, which causes an irritating albeit minor expense whenever the batteries need replacing. A few months ago, Dad bought a set of rechargeable AA batteries for my camera; these batteries were more expensive than the standard ones but they would pay for themselves after six months.

The most recent set of standard batteries had already been in my camera for three months when Dad bought the new batteries, and so I assumed I wouldn't have long to wait to use the rechargeable set. A week, perhaps, maybe two? How about three...months?

My camera's standard batteries depleted yesterday, giving them an overall life in the camera of around six months. I was not expecting the batteries to last for that long, especially since I have been taking a great amount of pictures with the camera in that timeframe despite the weather. On the one occasion when I wanted batteries to drain as quickly as possible, they kept on going!

When I finally tested the rechargeable batteries in the camera today, they worked exactly the same as the normal ones did. I'm looking forward to seeing how long they last!


  1. When I was using my Bridge camera (Nikon CoolPix) I would have to change batteries every month. My SLR (Nikon D3100) is rechargeable and lasts for a month as well. I prefer rechargeable. I'm debating about the D3100 though, it's becoming a very expensive camera. :\

    1. Rechargeable is always preferable. :) How is it becoming expensive if you can recharge the batteries?

      Looks like a lovely camera that D3100.

    2. Because right now my bridge camera zooms more than the SLR! Ugh.

    3. Whoa! I'd expect the SLR to be better based on its optical zoom!