Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Plants and water

I went down to a pond that I've photographed and written about here (1, 2, 3):

These are some daffodils near the pond. The ongoing cold weather has prevented the vast majority of the flowers from blooming; these daffodils have so far only managed to grow their stems.

The pond itself. The sun went behind some clouds just after I photographed the daffodils, hence why this picture of the pond is darker than the picture of the flowers. This is the cleanest I have ever seen the pond; it's usually covered with algae.

Another view of the pond, taken a little more close up. One of the best parts about the weather improving (albeit slowly) is being able to photograph bright scenery again.



    Love daffodils! Although it's been cold the past few days, we've been getting them too. Next week it's supposed to be unseasonably warm, though.