Monday, 22 April 2013

Another foal

I might not have been able to take a picture of the foal from a few days ago, but I did photograph another mother and foal elsewhere in the town:

The mother was teaching her offspring bad habits: of all the horses in the field, only these two approached, obviously seeking food. Not wanting to encourage them further, I stood away from the gate which obstructs the view of the horses.

The mother soon realised that I wasn't there to feed her or her offspring, and so she walked off to find something more interesting; however, the foal watched me until I walked away.


  1. So darn cute. I went to the Academy of Natural Sciences again today. Felt weird with no orchids, lol. I'll post pictures later.

  2. oh my goodness LOOK! we saw some baby lambs (is that redundant?) in a field yesterday and then some piglets too and I felt very LA ENGLISH COUNTRYSIDE WOO!

    1. It is redundant, but it's still a cute term. :)