Thursday, 18 April 2013

"Goodbye" - Kristinia DeBarge

In the spring into the summer of 2009, one of my favorite songs on the radio was "Goodbye" by Kristinia DeBarge; it is the first single from DeBarge's debut album, Exposed. "Goodbye" received frequent airplay for a couple of months before almost vanishing entirely from my local radio station and its programs; Debarge herself has vanished, too, as she is supposed to be releasing a second album, but I've read little about it and she is hardly mentioned in any news sources.

I'll be glad when she releases a second album, but for now we can enjoy this track:

"Goodbye" is also a song I listened to (twice) on the flight from Portland to Amsterdam, although the sentiment expressed by DeBarge in "Goodbye" is not how I felt about leaving the United States!


  1. After I'm done this story I'll take a listen. :) I'm looking for guy names. :\