Sunday, 7 April 2013

First times on the Internet

My first use of the Internet was when I was seven years old. With my mother's supervision, I visited a Christmas-themed website to play a few simple games; nothing too intensive. My first time on the Internet unattended was a couple of years later...and I was using it without permission, which, at the time, I had to seek to be able to use it. What did I do? Other than use it without my parents' knowledge, nothing wrong: I wanted to look up my then-favourite computer game, Frogger.

The Internet was much simpler in those days, and I was using dial-up then because that was all we had. I didn't start using high-speed Internet until late 2006; by then, I had long been using the Internet without the need for parental supervision. When I began using the Internet, I never imagined that I'd one day meet people through it or keep a blog: I thought it would only be used for checking news, playing a few games and doing a little shopping.

When did you start using the Internet? Did you ever envision using it the way you do now?

(On another note, sorry for two posts in a row that present you with questions!)


  1. I remember my first AOL account in the Spring of 1998. I was 8. Of course I used my mom's account before that, but this was my first official account. I remember the parental controls too. We had dial up until 2000, then we got DSL with Comcast (cable company), then Verizon (phone company). We use Verizon now as it's better than Comcast. I can't believe how far we've come.

    1. Ah yes, I remember Dad using AOL for a short time.

      We had to wait a long time for high-speed Internet! We got fed up with having to wait for DSL that we had a satellite system installed on our house. I think satellite exists here in the UK but it's not that common,