Saturday, 11 March 2017

Not always approving comments quickly

For much of the time Air Nice-to-Livelands has existed, comments here have been set to "approve only". Up until the last few months, I usually approved comments within hours or a day. Now, it's often days or sometimes weeks before I respond. Why is this?

Well, a part is because of my increased real-life workload but a major factor is the change in layout to Blogger. The home page, which would say how many comments are in need of approval, is gone and now the default page when logging in is my post list. I'm no longer regularly reminded of comments and tend to forget about them.

In addition, now that my reading list is now no longer on a home page, I don't always check other blogs and comment on them. Removing the main Blogger dashboard has not been an improvement, in my opinion.

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