Friday, 3 March 2017

End of Global Week 2017

Today marked the end of 2017's Global Week at NTU. Yesterday consisted of the Middle East being represented, although Libya and Syria were the only two countries with the own stands; aspects of the region as a whole were given focus rather than from any specific country other than the aforementioned two. The Libyan and Syrian desserts I sampled were delicious; I don't recall ever eating anything from them before.

As for this afternoon, the Americas were on display; however, it was the United States, Peru and Cuba who each had their own stands. I visited the American stand and spoke to the student there for a few minutes; when she asked if I've visited the US, it was fun telling her that I'd actually lived there. Later in the day, as Global Week was ending, my Irish friend and I photographed each other standing next to the cardboard replica of the Statue of Liberty.

It's been a fun Global Week; my only disappointment with it is that I didn't attend anything on Monday. Better correct that next year!

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