Friday, 24 March 2017

Failed repeal, in that it never left the ground

After all those times the Republicans voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act when President Barack Obama was in charge, after all those promises to repeal it once they were fully in control...they failed. Epically:

Between 25 and 35 Republicans, plus all the Democrats were against the repeal and replacement bill; as such, the bill wasn't even put up for a vote - it was withdrawn. Unsurprisingly, the current president blamed the Democrats for not working with the Republicans but why should they? The Republicans did nothing but obstruct and disrupt when they were in opposition - why should Democrats play ball?

President Obama and his initial Congress were able to pass the Affordable Care Act. The Republicans now have at least as much power as the Democrats did in early 2009 and they failed to pass a major piece of legislation, at a time when they are supposed to have their greatest political capital.

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