Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Another Scottish referendum - possibly

As a consequence of the United Kingdom voting last year to leave the European Union, Scotland is appearing to move forward with another referendum to leave the United Kingdom:

The argument being used by the Scottish National Party - the largest part in Scotland's devolved parliament - is that since Scotland voted decisively to remain in the European Union, it should leave the UK and rejoin the EU. In reality, it's more likely that the SNP is using last year's referendum as an excuse for another in/out referendum of their own, as the long-held goal of the SNP is to split the UK.

Of course, the SNP is banking on the EU approving Scotland's ascent back into the EU should Scotland leave the UK. This is a risky issue on which to campaign, for there's no evidence that the 45% who voted for Scotland to leave in 2014 are supporters of the EU or that any pro-EU voters who backed Scotland staying in the UK are more loyal to the EU than to the UK; in addition, for a country to join the EU, it must have approval from all member countries. Spain, with nationalist problems of its own, is likely to block a hypothetical independent Scotland from being in the EU.

In the event Scotland does declare independence, then anybody who voted for the UK to leave the EU on the basis that the UK was "strong enough" on its own ought to eat their words and be ashamed for helping to cause the destruction of the UK as it exists now.


  1. I know one thing for sure, Brexit aint over yet

    1. Article 50 has now been activated so we'll have to see!