Wednesday, 8 March 2017

International Women's Day 2017

"It's International Women's Day 2017 and yet, we're at a time in the modern era when the 'Leader of the Free World', plus his overall administration and his party, are enacting policies that are harming women and restricting their freedoms. And this mess comes after perhaps the most qualified person to ever run to for US president - a woman - was defeated in favor of someone who continues to prove that he is grossly unsuitable for the role.

I'd hoped by now that women would have made further advancements in equality, not being forced to defend the progress that they have already achieved."


  1. Goes to show that Republicans are still as bigoted as they ever were. Doesn't take long for a Trump deplorable to tell you what they really think of Black History Month either.

    1. I've learned to not be surprised by their levels of intolerance.

  2. That's true, Andrew. It's a scary time now.

    Did you see the vitriol towards PM Trudeau's wife?