Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Next year's modules

Several of my coursemates and I attended a session about our module choices for next year. Whereas all modules during Year 1 are standardised, for Year 2 there a couple of core modules and several optional choices; however, in this case, "optional" means we choose which modules we want to study - it does not mean we may only follow the core.

Year 2, as I understand it, is divided between three modules in the first half and three more in the second. As each module earns a student 20 credits, six need to be completed to advance to Year 3 (120 credits in the year).

There are several weeks to go before the deadline for choosing expires. Until then, I have some thinking about which modules I wish to undertake for Year 2; I've already ruled an English one out and have almost already decided on a Media module to study.

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