Wednesday, 20 January 2016

"How Internet Commenters See The World"

Given the amount of times I've moaned here about Internet commenters, this CollegeHumor page seems appropriate to share here:

All of the cartoons are on point, especially #2, the one about feminism. Every time a woman (or even a man) says something fully rational about women's rights, trolls come out from under their rocks like termites from an appetising piece of woodwork. Also, in the last cartoon, I like CollegeHumor's subtle jab at its critics (look at background comment directly above the highlighted comment).

I acknowledge that I have posted a few items from CollegeHumor recently. Don't worry, my blog isn't turning into a re-post hub from that site!


  1. You should see the people who comment on my local new stations FB page. They are mentally ill and belong in a different century