Sunday, 31 January 2016

Bloggers Blog Party - December 2015

I was early for November 2015's post but for December 2015's Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party contribution I'm back to the end of the month. Some days have multiple pictures, which wasn't intentional but it works and means I can implement this in future blog party posts:

Wednesday 2nd December: I walked past this anti-war protest near Nottingham's Brian Clough statue. There were at least 100 people present while I was observing and they were protesting British military involvement in Syria.

Also taken on this day: A close friend gave me these delicious candies for my birthday. The American candies she gave were especially thoughtful and highly enjoyable!

Monday 7th December: My college's canteen was serving gingerbread cookies over the Christmas period.

Also taken on this day: One evening, I received thi free Zigzag ticket from Trentbarton. There had been a delay during a driver changeover, which resulted in every passenger receiving this free ticket and an apology. I have since used the ticket.

Wednesday 9th December: A "cleaning in progress" sign was hanging near the urinals in one of the toilets in my college.

Also from this day: I photographed these Christmas decorations within the Broadmarsh.

Again from this day: The Victoria Centre looks downright awesome at night.

Saturday 12th December: This was the day when I visited Chesterfield for the first time on my own. The spire can be just about seen in the background but the rainy day limits the view.

Wednesday 16th December: These pigeons were just hanging around. They, like all pigeons in Nottingham, aren't bothered by humans and know that we generate food for them.

Thursday 17th December: I broke up two full bars of Cadbury Daily Milk for a batch of brownies I baked for a college fuddle.

Friday 18th December: A glorious sunrise on my last day of college for 2015.

Tuesday 22nd December: I crafted two eyes in the slice of bread when I noticed it possessed a "mouth".

Wednesday 30th December: My antepenultimate picture of 2015, this is a small view of Northampton from within a friend's car.


  1. that's one way to place a wet floor sign

  2. That gingerbread man looks delicious! I love your pictures!

    1. Thanks! :) Yes, the gingerbread was very tasty.