Friday, 22 January 2016

From half an hour to two hours

When I returned home from college this evening, I was exhausted, to the point where I had been fighting drifting off to sleep on the bus. I thought I'd re-awaken once I'd exited the bus and for a few minutes, that was the case; however, after being back for about half an hour, I started drifting off again and struggled to remain awake.

As such, I went to bed to sleep for thirty minutes before dinner. I figured that rather than sleep my way through my food, I'd rest for a bit. Unfortunately, I underestimated how tired I was - my half-hour sleep evolved into a two-hour rest instead!

To be fair, I needed the sleep; I have had a busier-than-usual week at college and I have not slept as much as I should have. I just hope that when I return to bed soon, I won't be up for half the night trying to return to sleep!