Thursday, 7 January 2016

The cashier's good wishes

I posted this to Facebook earlier. I purchased a few items in a Tesco this evening and had this (slightly condensed) discussion with the cashier who served me:

Tesco cashier: "How has your week been so far?"

Me: "It's been good. I've been excited to be back at college."

Cashier: "I haven't heard many be happy about that! What are you studying?"

Me: "An Access course to get me into university."

Cashier, giving thumbs up: "Hope you get it, champ."

I was already in a good mood this evening but the cashier's words only served to strength my positive resolve. He had also been talking to me about putting Cadbury's Daily Milk on Ritz crackers and thought that my putting said chocolate into cooking was a worthy idea. His words were welcome, especially in light of yesterday.


  1. it's always good to have positive encouragement

    1. I agree. I appreciated what he had to say.