Sunday, 10 January 2016

The five routes

Without setting off with the intention to do so, yesterday I rode on five different bus routes. Not just five buses but five routes - I never rode the same route twice. I took a second visit to the towns of Kimberley, Giltbrook and Eastwood to walk around them for the afternoon. My bus journey is as follows:

Home to Nottingham city centre: Rushcliffe Mainline.

Nottingham city centre to Kimberley: Rainbow One.

Kimberley to Hucknall: Amberline - this route was unexpected. I forgot that Amberline runs from Derby to Hucknall and that Kimberley is one of the towns on the way. When I was waiting for my Rainbow One bus back to Nottingham, the Amberline was closer and so I rode that to Hucknall instead.

Hucknall to Nottingham city centre: The Threes.

Nottingham city centre to home: Rushcliffe Villager (while the Mainline and Villager overlap for much of the journey, they are separate bus routes).

As far as I can recall, this is the first day on which I have ridden on three or more buses and each of them was a different route.

Here is Amberline, at its last stop in Hucknall - the library. Amberline shared the same colour as The Threes and Hucknall's Connect.

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