Thursday, 22 October 2015

Quiet room study sessions

For the past two days, a few of my classmates and I have utilised the library "quiet room" to complete our work. The quiet room is, by nature of its name, essentially a small room inside the library that is sealed off from the rest of the facility; even when the rest of the library is noisy, the quiet room remains...quiet.

I spent five hours there on Wednesday and seven hours there today. While none of us finished our new assignments, we wrote large amounts for our pieces and spent a long time each just reading. We also helped each other where we could, within limits (like advice with something or help with grammar/spelling - not outright doing each other's work!).


  1. They have those at our main county library, the smaller ones do not have it.

    1. I think such rooms are a good idea; I'm glad my college has one.