Monday, 12 October 2015

More bus fun

Today's morning bus story is, like all my bus stories, fun. I was across the road from my usual stop when the bus appeared a couple of minutes before it was supposed to; I didn't cross because the road was busy and I knew that the bus would be gone by the time the traffic had cleared. A few seconds later, the bus continued its journey.

I then decided, rather than wait at the stop for ten minutes or so, that I would walk to an earlier stop on the route and be picked up sooner by the next bus. To my complete surprise, the next bus appeared while I was between stops and I was unable to run fast enough to make it to either stop. At this point, I was unsure which bus was early and which one was late while at same time frustrated that I had missed both within a couple of minutes of each other.

On the bright side, thanks to this fun a mother and I had a conversation at the bus stop, which we would not have had had I caught one of the other two buses or arrived at my stop after they'd already driven by. We both talked about the new bus routes and the old routes, and when we caught the next bus, we made it to our respective destinations ahead of schedule.


  1. Bus rides are fun! And your bus rides sound amazing!

  2. I always wondered how often bus drivers are on time or late or even early