Friday, 30 October 2015

Bloggers Blog Party - September 2015

Less food and more buses for September 2015's Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party post:

Friday 4th September: Mum cooked a vegetarian lasagna for lunch the following Saturday. While my family is not vegetarian, every once in a while we eat a vegetable-only meal, although it's because we like a particular recipe.

Wednesday 9th September: I visited Mansfield, a massive town in northern Nottinghamshire. I have been driven through Mansfield before but this was the first time I set foot in the place. I travelled there on a Threes bus, taking the long route through the towns of Kirkby-in-Ashfield and Sutton-in-Ashfield; the journey there took almost two hours but my Threes return bus was more direct, taking only an hour to arrive back in Nottingham.

Friday 11th September: This is a residential tower in Clifton. One of my friends just groaned when I asked her what the building ("this monstrosity") is.

Saturday 12th September: This is the Rushcliffe Country Park, located in Ruddington, which is near the aforementioned Clifton. Ruddington, Clifton and this park are beautiful places.

Tuesday 15th September: Someone drove into a traffic barrier near to one of my bus stops. I didn't see what happened and this has since been fixed (mostly).

Wednesday 16th September: A friend and I went to the cinema at the Cornerhouse; this is a view of Nottingham taken from the top floor of the building.

Friday 18th September: This interesting advert.

Saturday 19th September: This is the market square of Bingham, a town several miles to the east of Nottingham. This was my first visit to Bingham; I used the voucher for the free ticket to cover the trip.

A Rushcliffe Villager bus! I think this was the one that brought me to Bingham in the first place, although as it's been over a month since this day I'm unsure if this was a different Villager bus (same route, though).

When I rode another Villager to return to Nottingham on the opposite route, I photographed the city, which can be seen in the background.

Sunday 20th September: This is the centre of Stapleford, a town to west of Nottingham on the border with Derbyshire. I also visited Long Eaton and Sandiacre on this day. The teal-coloured bus in the picture is the bus I rode to Staplefored; it's on the I4 route.

Friday 25th September: This is a Ruddington Connection bus, taken from when I was on board my own bus. Sadly, the Ruddington Connection will come to an end on the 22nd of November, as the tram system has cut down on bus use on certain routes.

Monday 28th September: At my college, one of my friends discovered that the canteen is now serving these delicious iced buns. While the bun does not look particularly huge in this picture, I can assure you that they are enormous and filling.

Wednesday 30th September: A sunny day in Hucknall; the road ahead leads back to the town centre whereas behind me is the road to Mansfield.


  1. Your travels look fun! I get that advertisement - reverse psychology there. :D Crafty,crafty marketers. Haha.

    1. They have been fun! :) Ha ha, yes, I had to photograph it. :)