Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Biden declines

United States Vice President Joe Biden has declined to run for president in 2016:

While I think that it is a shame that Biden will not be contesting the Democratic nomination, I respect his reasons why. It is late August and usually by now, everyone who wants to run for president has usually been in the race for months. Biden has stated that his family was ready for him to run even with the death of Beau Biden, his son; however, Beau's death occurred back at the end of May, which is still fairly recent. I shouldn't speculate but it wouldn't surprise me if that has played a factor in Biden opting to keep out of the race; it was a devastating loss.

Biden is a recipient of continued bad press but I think it's unwarranted; his job as the vice president is to support the president and even before his election to the position in 2008, he had achieved a long and respectable record in the Senate. Overall, I think he has been an excellent politician.


  1. I like Joe Biden, many make fun of him but I'd loved when he destroyed Sarah Palin in the VP debates in 2008.

    But I don't think he would have many vote for him for president. Hillary and Bernie Sanders is really the only contest there.

    1. I also enjoyed his debate performance against Paul Ryan in 2012; that was an excellent debate.

      I think he would have stood a stronger chance if he'd run months ago, if he'd wanted to.

  2. I agree. It's his son...