Sunday, 25 December 2016

The pocket mirror

Back at the Nottingham Post Student Awards earlier this month, my teacher casually mentioned to me that one of her adult daughters was to have a stand at a market that weekend inside the City campus of Nottingham Trent University. My teacher didn't do this to advertise her daughter's stand; rather, she mentioned it because it was an event that involved my university and a member of her family, and thought it might be of interest to me.

When the day of the market arrived, I visited the City campus and took a look at my teacher's daughter's stand there; my teacher's daughter was selling items that she had designed and one of these items was a pocket mirror with a painting of a frog. I bought the pocket mirror as a present for Mum and I gave it to her today; she was happy with the gift and was happier still when I informed her about who had been its designer.

My teacher's daughter was aware of my existence; when I mentioned to her who I was, she said that she had heard of me and hoped (likely jokingly) that I hadn't been pressured into coming. I assured her that I had come of my own accord and was genuinely curious about her work; buying from her was entirely my choice and it worked out, given that Mum liked the pocket mirror.