Sunday, 18 December 2016

Hucknall 6

For the first time since the summer, I set foot in Hucknall; in addition, it was also the first time since then that I walked to there. Today's walk is my sixth walk to Hucknall; however, what made this walk different from the preceding five is that that I was travelling from Clifton rather than from the Rushcliffe constituency. In addition, I cheated somewhat today by taking the bus from Clifton to the city centre and then starting the main walk from there. As the days are short currently, I figured it wise to do so on this occasion.

On my way to Hucknall, I encountered my Psychology teacher from when I was at Central. She was on the opposite side of the road to me and I only noticed her when I heard her call my name. I'm glad she called me! It was a delight to see her, even if only for a minute.

Once in Hucknall, I walked on an outer road for a while before walking in the town centre and then returning to Bulwell, where I ended up catching a bus to Arnold and then another to the city centre.

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