Saturday, 24 December 2016

Justified in not going there

My family has a long-standing policy of not purchasing food from McDonald's on the basis that the food is of poor quality. Yesterday afternoon, I went with a friend to the cinema but first we went to a McDonald's in the city centre at her request; we only went there for her to eat, as I had made clear that I had no intention of ordering anything.

In my view, the long-standing policy was justified. I was unimpressed by the general filthiness of the venue as well as the cafeteria-like nature of the main eating area. While a cafeteria seems appropriate in an educational facility, I didn't think it worked in a restaurant - not even a fast food one. As if this all wasn't enough, my friend ended up finding some "gross" in her food, which not only put her off her meal but also from going to McDonald's again, at least for the short term.

To be fair to McDonald's, this is only one venue and it's more than possible that due to my long-term negative view of the company, I was looking for problems. That being said, the experience has not encouraged me to take up eating there anytime soon.


  1. I rarely go myself bu they do vary by location

    1. I agree but I'm happy to still not go, anyway! :)