Monday, 12 December 2016

Arnold, Top Valley and Rise Park

Here in Clifton, there is a bus that travels to Arnold, a region of Nottingham located in the northwestern part of the city. For the first time ever, I decided to ride the route this afternoon; it starts off in a lengthy side street in the outer part of Clifton, stops off at Queen's Medical Centre and then travels all the way up to Arnold's high street before turning around.

The weather wasn't exactly brilliant today and so I soon caught a bus back out of Arnold: the Turquoise route 79A. This bus, while travelling through familiar parts of Nottingham such as Bulwell, ventured through Top Valley and Rise Park, which are two beautiful parts of the city. At least they looked beautiful from what I could tell; I sat at the front of the upper floor of the bus and the front winder was covered with rain while my side window was covered with fog.

Today also marked the first time I have stepped foot in Arnold; I've driven through it as a passenger of my grandfather and rode through several times on the Calverton Connection.

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