Friday, 2 December 2016

Result of the night of the "Nottingham Post"

As it goes, last night I was not the winner of the "Nottingham Post" Further Education award. I am not disappointed by the loss - the nomination was an honour in itself and I still have the award that I won from Central, plus I received a runner-up prize. Also, I was the only finalist last night whose name received a large "whoop" from supporters in audience, which was commented on by the presenters. I have an enthusiastic fan base!

The big surprise of the night was when my History/Sociology teacher, who was my main teacher for both my years at Central, appeared almost out of nowhere behind me. I had attended the ceremony with two friends and did not at all expect my teacher to be there. Having her present was a lovely way to finally end the Access-era of my education, given that she was present at the beginning of my time at Central.

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