Monday, 19 December 2016

Electoral College 2016

Unfortunately, it looks as though the Electoral College for this year's presidential election in the United States epically failed to do its job:

Not only did they failed to do properly perform their job but at current count, more of Hillary Clinton's electors voted against her than her opponent's voted against him. For a system that was supposedly designed to keep unsuitable people of the White House, they instead eagerly allowed one in. Note this from one of the aforementioned articles:

"Many Republican electors dismissed the pleas to 'vote their conscience,' pointing out that their consciences were perfectly fine with Trump." their collective consciences are "perfectly fine" with racism, misogyny, conspiracy-mongering, trolling, praising a foreign nation's efforts to sabotage an election...I hope all those electors are happy with themselves.


  1. The electoral system could easily be done away with. Pass a federal law that demands that all electors have to vote (no option for faithless elector votes) for the candidate who won the popular vote in every state.

    1. The chances of Congress or the next president approving that are unlikely at best!