Friday, 23 December 2016

No, this isn't acceptable

The individual who co-chaired the New York campaign of Hillary Clinton's main election opponent is receiving heavy criticism for horrendous remarks he made about President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama:

No, this isn't acceptable. Again, thanks to the victory in the election by Clinton's opponent, bigots like this Carl Paladino loser (and he is a loser - he was obliterated in the 2010 New York gubernational election) now feel empowered to make all sorts of hateful comments. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, to whom Paladino lost, condemned the comments as "racist" and "ugly" but Paladino has so far dismissed any criticism, stating "tough luck" to anyone who objects.

The comments from Paladino were racist, sexist and transphobic. This sort of behavior needs to be condemned swiftly whenever it occurs - it must not be normalized. Granted, the First Amendment protects individuals from being arrested when spouting such language but private citizens do not have to tolerate bigotry one iota - it is not censorship to shut down hatred.


  1. The rightwing is so out there the GOP should officially declare itself on the far-right. Centre-right my butt