Saturday, 7 May 2016

The man in the rain

While I was riding the Indigo bus line through Toton this afternoon, a massive rainstorm had materialised. To be fair, thunderstorms had been forecast for the weekend but the rain was a paradigm shift from the sunny weather that had occurred in the morning.

Through the rain, however, I saw a man acting as human billboard for a pizza chain. There he was, standing in the wet weather, promoting reduced prices on pizza. I do hope he receives a bonus; standing out in the rain wearing a billboard can't be that fun. Then again, considering it had been hot before, perhaps the rain cooled him somewhat.


  1. Send some sun this way! :)

    I guess it's part of the job - like a mail person going door to door regardless of the weather.

    1. It's still sunny here! :D

      True but it would be good if he earned a bit more. :)