Friday, 20 May 2016

Laptop close call

My negligence inflicted panic on me this afternoon at college. I brought my laptop for use in Psychology, which is my last lesson on Fridays; however, before the first lesson of day I had been sat in the canteen and left my laptop and its bag by accident there. It would be three hours later, during my second lesson, when I would realise that my laptop bag was missing.

When I had remarked to the class that I couldn't find it, two of my friends/classmates sprung into action to help me. We went to classroom of our previous lesson, which meant disrupting a nurse group who were in there, and then to the staffroom; after no luck there, we went to the canteen, which was where I last recalled having my laptop but I was starting to worry I'd actually left it on the bus.

We then went to reception and one of my friends asked if a missing laptop/laptop bag had been dropped off there. A receptionist asked about the appearance of the bag and laptop and I described them; she went into the room behind reception and came out with my bag. My worry subsided immediately and then I thanked her; she said it was the canteen staff who spotted it and brought it to reception. As such, I went to the canteen and thanked the ladies there (both the receptionist group and the canteen staff are familiar with me). I later apologised to the nurses, who were relieved I'd found the laptop, and I thanked the teacher in the staffroom who had helped; I was also sure to thank the friends who jumped up to help. I was both grateful and massively lucky.

Usually, whenever I'm carrying my laptop I'm extremely protective of it; in this case, I slipped. The irony is that in Psychology, we stayed in a room with computers, which negated the use of my laptop.


  1. I always worry about losing my iPod or leaving it in a pocket and washing it