Saturday, 21 May 2016

New shoes 2016

Last summer, I bought a new pair of shoes, as my old pair at the time were falling apart. Less than a year later, this new pair have also started falling apart: due to the way I walk, I've worn down the heels but not only that, the front of one of them has split and continued use will split the shoe further.

As such, I invited a friend to come shoe shopping with me today. The first stores we looked around either sold "trendy" shoes or shoes that were way too small for my feet. After over half an hour, we checked out a store that sold outdoor products. The shop assistant in there was as first unsure if they carried shoes in my size but when he looked in the back of the place, he found two pairs in there.

The first pair were well-built but slightly pricey, so I held out for the second; however, they turned out to be even more expensive and far outside my price range. As such, since the first pair were otherwise suitable, I purchased them. It possible that my friend and I could have found a slightly cheaper equivalent pair elsewhere but I'm happy with my purchase: these shoes are tougher than my previous two sets.


  1. Mine are lucky to last a whole year

    1. Mine usually last two years but this pair, well, decided not to. :/