Saturday, 19 March 2016

The offer holders' open day

For this morning and afternoon, I was over in Clifton visiting Nottingham Trent University's campus there for the offer holders' open day. This type of open day is for people who hold offers from the university, as I do.

The campus is massive - from what I could tell, it is bigger than what I've seen of the City Centre campus. More important than that, however, were the two information lectures I attended - one about English and the other about Media.

After attending them, I am more certain about accepting the offer I have for English and Media, rather than the one I have for Journalism. I have more research to perform but I am closer to picking the course I want.

I am still ill, of course, but I want to choose my course sooner rather than later and it was worth dragging myself to Clifton despite being sick.