Monday, 14 March 2016

Another type of tedious behaviour

Earlier today, an article in my Facebook feed about the singer Ariana Grande appeared. The article was innocuous and there was nothing negative present. Yes, I think it's obvious where this is going...

In the comments section, cue "Who" and "Who is Ariana Grande" silliness. Actually, I should call it trolling. Why? Because the people making said comments knew exactly who Ariana Grande is - anyone who follows the Facebook page on which the article made a feature is almost certain to be media-aware enough to know who she is. Rather than a genuine desire to learn, the comments were a trolling attempt; the people took issue with the singer herself and the "who" comments were to imply that she is a has-been.

This was confirmed when I posted a comment about the people making said comments. While several people agreed with me and "liked" my comment, others resorted to posting misogynistic nonsense about Grande and attacking me; others resorted to MRA trolling, as for some bizarre reason, they saw my comment as "white knighting" Grande. Soon afterwards, they followed the previous foolishness up with petty insults. Typical.

Much as I hate to tell someone to "Google it" if they ask me a question, if you're currently using the Internet, you might as well Google something rather than ask someone about it.

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